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This library contains a cross-platform Eigen wrapper for many different external linear solvers including (but not limited to):

  • Hypre
  • Pardiso

Example Usage

const std::string solver_name = "Hypre"
auto solver = LinearSolver::create(solver_name, "");

// configuration parameters like iteration or accuracy for iterative solvers
// solver->setParameters(params);

//System sparse matrix
Eigen::SparseMatrix<double> A;

//right-hand side
Eigen::VectorXd b;

Eigen::VectorXd x(b.size());

solver->analyzePattern(A, A.rows());
solver->solve(b, x);

You can use LinearSolver::availableSolvers() to obtain the list of available solvers.


Iterative solvers (AMGCL, Eigen Internal Solvers, HYPRE)

  • max_iter controls the solver’s iterations, default 1000
  • conv_tol, tolerance controls the convergence tolerance, default 1e-10

Hypre Only

  • pre_max_iter, number of pre iterations, default 1


mtype, sets the matrix type, default 11

mtype Description
1 real and structurally symmetric
2 real and symmetric positive definite
-2 real and symmetric indefinite
3 complex and structurally symmetric
4 complex and Hermitian positive definite
-4 complex and Hermitian indefinite
6 complex and symmetric
11 real and nonsymmetric
13 complex and nonsymmetric